This Is How You Should React If Your Car Is Stolen

Posted on: 26 July 2017

What you do when you suspect that your car has been stolen determines your chances or recovering the car, as well as the speed of the claim process if the car isn't recovered. Here are some of the things you should do shortly after the theft to improve both of these processes.

Confirm That the Car Has Been Stolen

The first thing is to confirm that the car has actually been stolen. Just because your car isn't where you think you left it, it doesn't mean that it has been stolen. Maybe you have forgotten the parking level or your car has been towed by the authorities for parking in the wrong spot. Your car is only missing once you have confirmed that your car is not in the police impound lot and you are at the correct parking spot.

Call the Police

Once you have confirmed that the car is actually missing, notify the authorities. Don't call your child, boss, or aunt first; those people won't help you find the car. The sooner you get the police involved in the issue, the higher your chances of recovering the car. Don't wait until your car has crossed the state line or is being taken apart in a dodgy garage before making the call.

Call the Tracking Company

If you installed a vehicle recovery system, then you also need to give that company a call ASAP. In many cases, the police will call the company on your behalf provided you have furnished them with the information. However, there is no harm in making the call yourself; the potential for human error means the police might not get the chance to make the call on time.

Call Your Insurance Company

Call your insurance company even though there is a chance that your car may be recovered. There are two good reasons for doing this. First, the insurance company may suspect you of fraud if you delay too much before making the call. Secondly, early reporting means the claims process can start sooner and with less delay.

Give as Much Information as Possible

When calling the police and your insurance company, remember to give them all the details, not just the ones you think are relevant. Details such as the make and model of the car, its year, color, and any distinguishing features it may have are all key. For example, if your toddler had scratched the hood with a screwdriver and you hadn't gotten around to fixing the paint damage, get that detail out to the authorities.

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