4 Reasons to Shop for Car Insurance Every Six Months

Posted on: 16 August 2017

You always hear that it's a good idea to shop for lower rates for car insurance because you'll never know if you'll find one that is significantly less for the same amount of coverage. Also, your needs for certain types of coverage may have changed at this time, so you can also drop or add coverage options. However, many people skip out on doing this small task every 6 months and it's usually because they aren't aware of the true benefit and value it can provide aside from the fact that it can save you a bit of money. Here are four little known reasons you should be doing this:

States Change the Laws: You should shop every six months for coverage to ensure that you are meeting the state laws. This includes setting a certain limit on coverage and including certain types coverage. If you have recently moved to a new state, this is also a reason your car insurance needs to change. This way, there is little chance you are pulled over and fined for not meeting state requirements for coverage. 

Your Credit History Has Changed: Car insurance companies do base their rate for your car insurance premiums on your credit. If your credit has improved, then you will find that your rate is going to be lower and it could be even more lower if you cost compare between different companies. This can end up saving you 50 dollars or more every month, which is something worth considering. 

Traffic Violations Have Been Taken Off: If any traffic violation has been taken off your record in this short amount of time, it can drastically reduce the amount you are paying for car insurance coverage. It's a good idea to talk with your insurance agent to know what violations you have on your record and create a timeline for when these violations should fall off so that you know when to start looking into new insurance rates. 

You've Had a Birthday: Finally, it's important to note that certain birthdays mean certain new advantages for discounts. For example, once you turn 60, you can expect to pay much less for car insurance. Also, once you turn 20, you are seen as a less risky driver, which means insurance rates will drop for you at this point, as well. 

When you know these four little known reasons to shop for car insurance every 6 months, you can see just how much savings opportunities may present themselves during this time that can save you a ton of money. For more insight on your insurance options, contact services like Clifford P Beauvais Insurance Agency.