Does Homeowner's Insurance Cover Refrigerator Problems And Spoiled Food?

Posted on: 8 February 2018

Homeowner's insurance is a necessity for anyone that owns a house, but many people are unaware of all the different types of coverages a standard policy offers. One type of coverage your policy might offer, that you do not even realize, is coverage related to refrigerator malfunctions. Here are several things to understand about home insurance and refrigerator problems.

Your policy does not cover the refrigerator itself

A standard homeowner's insurance policy does not typically offer coverage for broken refrigerators, or any other types of appliances for that matter. You can, however, purchase a home warranty package that provides coverage for appliance problems, though. Because of this, if your refrigerator stops working one day, you should not contact your homeowner's insurance agency about the problem. Instead, call an appliance repair shop. They can fix the problem, and you will have to pay the bill for the repairs unless you have a home warranty package.

Your policy may cover problems caused by perils

The other important thing to understand about this is that most homeowner's insurance policies do offer coverage for problems, losses, and damages to refrigerators when caused by perils. For example, if a storm knocked out the power to your house for days, your policy would most likely offer coverage for all the spoiled food you had as a result of not having power for days.

You should understand that if you did something that caused the power to go out, and if you lost all your food due to your own choices or mistakes, your policy probably will not cover the damages you experience from this. For example, if you had a dead tree fall over in your yard, and if it knocked out your power, your insurance company might deny your claim. It is your responsibility to maintain the trees in your yard. If you had taken care of the dead tree before it fell, you would not have experienced any damages.

Your policy will have limits

It's also important to know that if you end up losing hundreds of dollars' worth of food from storm damage, or something similar, your insurance company will only reimburse you up to the limit on your policy. A standard policy will offer around $500 for this. If you lost more food than that, you would only get a check for $500 if that is the limit on your policy.

Homeowner's insurance is an important type of coverage to have, and most policies offer a lot of different types of coverage all under the same policy. To get a quote for insurance services, contact an insurance wholesale service today.