4 Benefits Of Choosing Auto Insurance That Offers A Mobile App

Posted on: 19 March 2018

Mobile apps are changing the way people use their auto insurance, and choosing a carrier that offers a mobile app can provide a host of benefits not previously available for drivers. Use the following guide to learn the unique benefits that come with having a mobile car insurance app on your smartphone.

1. Roadside Assistance Access

Some car insurance policies come with included roadside assistance, and a mobile app for your auto insurance makes it easier than ever to access your benefits. You can request assistance using the app, and your phone's internal GPS system can make it easy for a tow truck driver to find you. This comes in handy particularly when you are driving in a rural area that might be hard to find, or it offers extra help when you are in an unfamiliar area and can't give the tow truck driver your current location. Through your insurance app, you can indicate what the problem is so the tow truck knows how to help.

2. Proof Of Insurance

Whether you are pulled over by the police or you are involved in an accident, having proof of insurance is vital. However, you may be unable to locate the insurance card inside your vehicle. With a mobile app, you can quickly pull up your insurance card on the screen to present to the police or to a fellow motorist when exchanging insurance information. Having proof of insurance on your mobile device can even help prevent getting a ticket for not having insurance.

3. Claim Filing

Your insurance app may have a feature that lets you file claims without ever having to make a phone call. Mobile claim filing lets you open a claim, submit photos of the damage, and request assistance from a representative all in one app. Use your smartphone to take pictures after an accident, and upload them to the app so the claims adjuster can get started on your insurance claim. This easy-to-use feature takes some of the guesswork out of filing a claim.

4. Premium Payment

You can pay your monthly premium through some mobile apps, making it easy to submit payment without having to mail in a check. You can even set alerts on these apps to remind you when the bill is due, which can help prevent your insurance coverage from lapsing. Some apps even let you check your previous payment history and make payments for other types of policies, including homeowner's or renter's insurance.

Your insurance carrier's mobile app may have other convenience features included, such as parking locators, instant messaging with agents, and insurance quote requests. Ask your current carrier if it offers a mobile app, and if you don't have a carrier, look into a policy from a company that offers customers access to a mobile app.

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