How To Check Your Car And Home For Hail Damage

Posted on: 7 July 2019

Hail damage to your car or home may be covered by insurance, depending on your policy. For cars, you must have comprehensive coverage before the time of the hail storm. For home insurance, most areas have hail damage built into their basic policies. Check with your insurance agent for more information. If you have been in a hail storm recently, you may be looking for proof to show your insurance that there has been damage which you should be paid for. There are a few ways to distinguish hail damage from other damage, such as the following.

On Automobiles

Checking your car for hail damage can be difficult during a storm, since it will likely be covered with water and ice. Once a storm has ended, take a towel and go out to dry your car. Starting at the right headlight, take the towel and dry all the way down the right side of the car, then the hood, the left side, the hood, and finally, the roof of the car. Pay close attention to any new dents that may have been caused by hail. Check your lights for any chips or breaks. Take note of any damages and take a picture, if possible. 

On Homes

Your home is slightly more difficult to check for hail damage, since it is probably quite a bit larger than your car. One of the main areas that are often damaged by hail is the roof. If your shingles, gutters, or skylights have hail damage, they may not be able to protect your house through another storm. A shingle with hail damage will look like it has small nicks missing from it. It may even be discolored or bruised in areas that are weak. Cracking of shingles can also result for traumatic hail storms. Some homeowners have noted that gutters have become dented or bent following hail, which does not allow proper drainage of rain. Check all skylights and windows for damage around the sill, as well as any cracks to glass. You may not find anything, but checking thoroughly will ensure that your home will withstand future storms. 

In conclusion, though hail damage is a common insurance claim, you should do your due diligence to make sure that hail was the cause of the damage. Checking your home or vehicle for these simple clues may give you the confidence you need to file an insurance claim. For more information, reach out to companies like Skipton Claims Management.