Should You Buy Your Car Insurance Through An Agent Or Online?

Posted on: 3 December 2021

As technology advances and as companies adopt new digital strategies, more people are using online platforms for their needs. Today, you can get car insurance information online, get a quote, or even buy your insurance policy online. 

However, some people remain adamant about online purchases and prefer the conventional route when making their car insurance purchase. So, which option is better?

Buying Through a Car Insurance Agent

Seeking the services of a car insurance agent is like asking for help from your assistant. There are two categories of car insurance agents. They can be captive agents who sell insurance policies from one company or independent agents who sell insurance products from different companies.

When buying car insurance, your primary concern should be having a policy covering your needs and offering valuable coverage at an affordable price. An insurance agent has adequate information on various policies, and thus, they can guide you on the right policy depending on your needs. They also break down the policy rules and service options to help you understand them better before purchasing.

There are numerous advantages that you gain when buying your insurance through a car insurance agent. First, the agent can assist you throughout the entire process or even beyond when needed. They help ensure you buy a policy that offers adequate coverage.

An agent will also help you know more about insurance terms and what the insurance covers. They can also be of great help in comparing different prices to ensure you get a fair deal. Besides, most agents you contact operate within your local area, and thus, they have an in-depth understanding of the area and its needs.

Buying Your Insurance Online

Insurance companies that have brought their business online can offer their clients a way to purchase their insurance online. Buying insurance online is considered direct insurance as the customer directly buys insurance from the company without a third party.

Since there is no agent to assist you when buying online, you'll need to choose your desired policy, get a quote, compare the quotes, and buy it if the quote seems satisfactory. While buying insurance online saves time as you don't need to engage in lengthy conversations with an agent, it can also take a lot of time to make quote comparisons by yourself.

Do You Need a Car Insurance Agent?

Hiring a car insurance agent gives you a competitive edge of in-depth detailed information, reliable quotes, and an expert to help with quote comparisons. Contact an insurance company to get in touch with a local car insurance agent.